Loan without documents to provide

The loan without documents to provide is for many the financial solution dreamed. It allows people with bad credit or who do not wish to benefit from the monetary support they need without discrimination. for a critique More information at

However, it is still necessary to provide some important documents during your application. What are they ? Are they easy to obtain? Good Credit Loans answers all questions regarding the documents to provide for your future loan!

Provide your bank and payroll statements to get a personal loan without a document

Even if your credit history is not controlled, the organizations still ensure your creditworthiness and your repayment possibilities. You will need to provide certain documents, such as your account statements for the last two months, to validate your request. It is also necessary to provide your most recent pay statement: it is proof that you are earning income.

All of these checks are used to demonstrate your ability to repay the loan once the loan is made.

Personal loan without a document requires proof of residence

One of the first obligations to apply for a loan of money without proof is to have a Canadian resident title.

Many official papers can serve as proof of residence: telephone, gas or electricity bills are all relevant documents. Do not forget to join one of them to your request. In case of forgetfulness, the institutions will not be able to help you out of your bad economic situation.

Get a sample check or deposit form

Of course, on a personal loan without a credit check, the lender of the money must have access to your account to deposit the money. So be sure to provide him with your detailed banking information.

The simplest way to communicate your information is the check sample. However, if your bank can not get them, it is also possible to deposit a deposit authorization in your file.

Warning: the latter is valid only if it is signed by your banking institution!

Provide a piece of identification to get a loan

Are you the applicant of the personal loan? Are the statements of account and invoices you have provided yours? Prove it with your ID!

Your file must include an official document with a good quality photograph. Passport, health insurance card or driver’s license are just the thing. Be careful, however, about the validity of your documents: outdated IDs are of course not accepted.

Possible additional documents

Have you recently been released from bankruptcy, or from your consumer proposal? Some additional documents may be required! If you are in one of the two cases above, a release letter must be provided when applying for a loan.

Although these types of requests do not require proof, you now know that you will need to provide some important documents in order to get the money.

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