How to compare real estate loan offers?

The mortgage is no exception to the consumer’s desire to compare before signing … Here are the main ways to help you get the best loan deal.

1.How to compare two loan offers?

1.How to compare two loan offers?

In order to know the total cost and to be able to compare two distinct loan offers, the future buyer that you are will be able to use one of the two following operations:

Either, you will sum the expenses (reimbursements + ancillary costs) to which you will deduct the borrowed capital.

Either you will calculate the APR, the annual percentage rate of charge. You will make sure that all the elements helping to calculate it are communicated to you.

In other words, if you have to compare 2 loan offers, the method of comparing the nominal rates between the 2 offers will not be reliable, because a low nominal rate with higher fees can quite well result in a total cost. higher credit.

What should you consider?

The borrowed capital that is based on your personal contribution, the level of your resources and your disposable income and the amount of your real estate transaction.

You will be able to compare the nominal rate of interest that banks are willing to grant you.

2. How to compare two borrower insurance contracts?

2. How to compare two borrower insurance contracts?

The group contract proposed by the banks or the delegated insurance contract? Each credit applicant has the option of choosing another borrower insurance than that of the lending bank which has a higher cost as a rule.

What should you compare?

Guarantees conditions, deductibles, waiting periods and exclusion clauses certain sports activities, certain affections … and the cost.

It is in your interest to use the insurance-borrower comparator to choose the guarantees that best meet your needs and expectations.

The insurance comparator allows you to interview several insurers at the same time.

Each Oberon credit expert will propose the offer best suited to your needs.

3. How to compare two intermediaries?

3. How to compare two intermediaries?

Credit experts are all subject to the same requirements laid down by the French Monetary and Financial Code with registration requirements, good repute, civil liability insurance, financial guarantee and professional skills.

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