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Loan without documents to provide

The loan without documents to provide is for many the financial solution dreamed. It allows people with bad credit or who do not wish to benefit from the monetary support they need without discrimination. for a critique

However, it is still necessary to provide some important documents during your application. What are they ? Are they easy to obtain? Good Credit Loans answers all questions regarding the documents to provide for your future loan!

Provide your bank and payroll statements to get a personal loan without a document


Even if your credit history is not controlled, the organizations still ensure your creditworthiness and your repayment possibilities. You will need to provide certain documents, such as your account statements for the last two months, to validate your request. It is also necessary to provide your most recent pay statement: it is proof that you are earning income.

All of these checks are used to demonstrate your ability to repay the loan once the loan is made.

Personal loan without a document requires proof of residence

Personal loan without a document requires proof of residence

One of the first obligations to apply for a loan of money without proof is to have a Canadian resident title.

Many official papers can serve as proof of residence: telephone, gas or electricity bills are all relevant documents. Do not forget to join one of them to your request. In case of forgetfulness, the institutions will not be able to help you out of your bad economic situation.

Get a sample check or deposit form


Of course, on a personal loan without a credit check, the lender of the money must have access to your account to deposit the money. So be sure to provide him with your detailed banking information.

The simplest way to communicate your information is the check sample. However, if your bank can not get them, it is also possible to deposit a deposit authorization in your file.

Warning: the latter is valid only if it is signed by your banking institution!

Provide a piece of identification to get a loan


Are you the applicant of the personal loan? Are the statements of account and invoices you have provided yours? Prove it with your ID!

Your file must include an official document with a good quality photograph. Passport, health insurance card or driver’s license are just the thing. Be careful, however, about the validity of your documents: outdated IDs are of course not accepted.

Possible additional documents

moneyPossible additional documents

Have you recently been released from bankruptcy, or from your consumer proposal? Some additional documents may be required! If you are in one of the two cases above, a release letter must be provided when applying for a loan.

Although these types of requests do not require proof, you now know that you will need to provide some important documents in order to get the money.

Mortgage with a consumer credit

The currently very low level of interest rates allows you to consider a combination of your different loans, so as to reduce your monthly payments. This purchase of credits can be coupled, if necessary, with the obtaining of additional cash, to release security savings or to finance new projects. Explain the benefits of a cash buyout and the criteria to be met.

Is it possible to combine a mortgage with a consumer credit?

Is it possible to combine a mortgage with a consumer credit?

You have several credits in progress: whether it is a mortgage, car or motorcycle loan, consumption, work, etc., it is currently very interesting to ask to proceed with their purchase by a bank.

This operation consists of bringing them together in one and the same loan – which contributes to significantly reducing the monthly repayment . A drop all the more notable with the current interest rates.

Attention, if this maneuver allows to gain in purchasing power, it supposes a lengthening of the repayment period and an increase of the total cost of the various loans.

However, with this solution, if the mortgage represents at least 60% of all loans to buy, the new credit will be built on the basis of a mortgage, with rates and durations associated. In this way, a camping car, swimming pool or equipped kitchen credit can finally be financed over 20 years …

Is it possible to pool credits when there is a zero interest loan?

Is it possible to pool credits when there is a zero interest loan?

If the repurchase of credit is very useful to clean up your budget, it can not be built with a loan with zero rate, to the extent that this one is nontransferable . Indeed, the bank at the origin of its subscription has already perceived the help of the State and will never return it to another body.

Moreover, if the bank has made only one mortgage (grouping the PTZ and the mortgage loan) , the borrower is obliged to pay the two financings, in order to be able to issue a new one. On the other hand, if the PTZ is not mortgaged, it will be possible to buy back the mortgage without integrating it.

Beware however, if it is possible to exclude the PTZ of the repurchase of credit , there remains the question of the new rate of indebtedness. His monthly payment, added to that of the new loan, must not exceed the maximum rate set by the bank.

How to obtain cash by buying back credits?

How to obtain cash by buying back credits?

The credit redemption operation can also be an opportunity to claim a little cash, without having to take out a new credit, with the inherent costs. Limited to 15% of the total amount of loan consolidation , this reserve of additional money can serve different purposes: precautionary savings, a new project …

Free of use , this cash is unlocked without proof at the time of the signing of the credit redemption and can reach the sum of 60 000 euros, while a personal loan is limited to 20 000 € uros.

On the other hand, if it is assigned to a specific project , the funds will be awarded upon presentation of the quotations paid or invoice. For this case, the sum made available may be more substantial, to the extent that it is justified and does not exceed 15% of the total amount of the repurchase of credit.

With low fixed rates, what is the interest of the variable rate

The Annual Total Effective Rate (APR) is the most important percentage of your loan offer: it concentrates all the expenses of a mortgage, namely the running costs of the bank, the insurance premiums associated with the guarantees and the basic interest rate. This is why the APR can change from one institution to another. This rate can also be fixed or variable …

What is a variable rate?

What is a variable rate?

As its name suggests, the variable rate is a rate that changes throughout the life of the loan . Unlike the fixed rate which allows to know precisely the amount of the monthly installments, to support the borrower during all the repayment period.

Fluctuating both upwards and downwards, the variable rate is indexed on the 3-month or 1-year Euribor benchmark.

Qualified as the rate closest to the real , it is traditionally lower than the fixed rate; however, in the event of a rise in interest rates, it is essential to be able to assume larger monthly payments.

What is the current rate grid?

What is the current rate grid?

Today, the adjustable rate offered by brokers is around 1.75% for a 10-year loan, 2.15% over 15 years, 2.25% over 20 years and 2.45% over 25 years. .

To reduce the risks, it is possible to opt for a capped variable rate: in other words, a rate that can not exceed a certain ceiling, defined at the time of signing the contract. Thus, with a variable rate “capped +1”, some credit professionals can offer 1.45% for a loan over 10 years, 1.62% over 15 years, 1.91% over 20 years, 2 , 19% over 25 years and 2.82% over 30 years.

By way of comparison, the fixed rates proposed at least April 2017 are built on the average base of 1.40 to 1.85%, for a loan over 20 years and 1.66 to 2.04% over 25 years. .

The context that does not favor the use of the variable rate!

The context that does not favor the use of the variable rate!

After having weighed more than 20% of loan volumes, in 2004 and 2005, today , variable rate loans now represent only 0.4% . And some institutions do not even offer them anymore.

Indeed, in a context of falling rates, these revisions are not interesting for lending agencies … Taking advantage of this very favorable situation, many borrowers having subscribed revisable credits were able to achieve beautiful financial operations until 2015.

Today, at a time of very low interest rates, and in a context of slight but gradual recovery, banks may have to re-propose these solutions. But this time, it’s not interesting for the borrower !

Indeed, if it is impossible to predict market developments, the current situation can not predict a further decline. At best, their evolution may remain minimal, but it still does not represent an interest to prefer it to a fixed, more secure rate .

In Which Bank does a Consolidation Loan Pay off?

Most often, the question about the consolidation loan is people who, unfortunately, have no debt to repay. Of course, they are very cautious at first about the consolidation of all debts, thinking about this step at least several times. However, they see that taking another payday in a private loan company completely misses the goal. In such a situation, they begin to slowly become convinced that the time has come to select the best consolidation loan.

Offer of consolidation loans

Offer of consolidation loans

At present, virtually every bank among its financial products has a consolidation loan offer. At the beginning, we may have a problem with the fact that we would know at all what parameters should be looked for in the search for the best product. Usually, first of all, we want to check what interest rates are offered.

Unfortunately, we do not realize that this is just one of several different costs added to the borrowed capital. In addition, we should pay attention to commissions, margins and even insurance. All of the costs can be found under the coefficient called the real interest rate, that is RRSO.

Where to check the best consolidations?

Where to check the best consolidations?

We are probably tired of browsing the next bank page in order to find all the details of the offer. It will certainly be a great help to review the general terms of consolidation loans in one place, and this is possible thanks to professional comparison or financial rankings. It is among these tools that we can easily find what is the APR proposed in individual banks. In addition, we will also have an overview of where we can actually expect cost reduction opportunities. For example, banks very often propose to buy insurance, or even to set up a personal account, thanks to the commission definitely declines. Everyone, however, must make the decision definitively and completely on their own. If we have any doubts every now and then, it is best to use a financial advisor who will accurately recalculate different versions of our products. In this way, we will be able to take advantage of a very profitable loan for indebted people.

How to compare real estate loan offers?

The mortgage is no exception to the consumer’s desire to compare before signing … Here are the main ways to help you get the best loan deal.

1.How to compare two loan offers?

1.How to compare two loan offers?

In order to know the total cost and to be able to compare two distinct loan offers, the future buyer that you are will be able to use one of the two following operations:

Either, you will sum the expenses (reimbursements + ancillary costs) to which you will deduct the borrowed capital.

Either you will calculate the APR, the annual percentage rate of charge. You will make sure that all the elements helping to calculate it are communicated to you.

In other words, if you have to compare 2 loan offers, the method of comparing the nominal rates between the 2 offers will not be reliable, because a low nominal rate with higher fees can quite well result in a total cost. higher credit.

What should you consider?

The borrowed capital that is based on your personal contribution, the level of your resources and your disposable income and the amount of your real estate transaction.

You will be able to compare the nominal rate of interest that banks are willing to grant you.

2. How to compare two borrower insurance contracts?

2. How to compare two borrower insurance contracts?

The group contract proposed by the banks or the delegated insurance contract? Each credit applicant has the option of choosing another borrower insurance than that of the lending bank which has a higher cost as a rule.

What should you compare?

Guarantees conditions, deductibles, waiting periods and exclusion clauses certain sports activities, certain affections … and the cost.

It is in your interest to use the insurance-borrower comparator to choose the guarantees that best meet your needs and expectations.

The insurance comparator allows you to interview several insurers at the same time.

Each Oberon credit expert will propose the offer best suited to your needs.

3. How to compare two intermediaries?

3. How to compare two intermediaries?

Credit experts are all subject to the same requirements laid down by the French Monetary and Financial Code with registration requirements, good repute, civil liability insurance, financial guarantee and professional skills.

Bank Loan has come to make your life even easier!

We believe that this way we will be able to better serve our clients. This financial institution has both a vision and a mission that pleases us and touches our point of view and what we want to deliver to those who seek us.

Make your life easier with Bank Loan!

Make your life easier with Bank Loan!

Such concern fits into the most complex and dynamic forms of the digital age in which we are living. In addition, Uni Bank Loan has the mission of being sustainable and inspiring its employees to work to the best of their ability.

  • What Uni Bank Loan offers

     For Lender customers, Uni Bank Loan makes a Consigned Credit Card, also known as payroll credit. For those who do not know how this product works, do not worry, we’ll explain! Stay tuned because only people who are already retired can apply for this type of loan.

    To make a Payroll Card, you do not need to have any previous links with Uni Bank Loan. And with the card, you can either do day-to-day shopping or get up to 90% of the limit of your card, which varies from customer to customer, according to the income and profile. In addition, you can take a loan whose installments correspond to 35% of your income, and not more than 30%. So your margin increases!

    In Brazil, the average retirement is R $ 2,300. Thus, if you receive this amount, for example, and do not have a Payroll Card, you can take a loan whose installments are up to $ 690. If you have the card, you can take a larger loan amount, with the installments equivalent to up to R $ 805.

    If you are negative and do not know if you will be able to request a Payroll Card, do not worry, as Uni Bank Loan makes this product available even to people who are negative. In addition, Consignment Card interest rates are up to 5x lower than those of an ordinary card, and do not vary widely among different financial institutions.

    Lower interest rates are possible because, since the Payroll Card bill is deducted directly from your retirement, the financial institution is sure to get the money back. In addition, the process is facilitated and you do not have to remember to go to the bank to pay a ticket or give a check, for example. And therefore, you will not run the risk of forgetting to pay the installment and having to pay a fine.

    Although you can only order the Consigned Card through our platform, Uni Bank Loan offers several other products besides that. The others you can order directly from our partner’s website. Are they:
    • Payroll loan;
    • Vehicle Financing;
    • Credit card;
    • Investments;

  • Necessary documents


  • To make your life easier, we list here the conditions to place an order on our website:
    • Be more than 18 years of age;
    • Have CPF;
    • Have a bank account (current or savings).
  • How do I borrow a loan from Uni Bank Loan?

    How do I borrow a loan from Uni Bank Loan?

  • If you are interested and want to request a loan for Uni Bank Loan but do not know how, do not worry, we are here to help you! By registering only on our site, you can receive up to 10 pre-approvals of your order. And among them is the Bank.