Mortgage with a consumer credit

The currently very low level of interest rates allows you to consider a combination of your different loans, so as to reduce your monthly payments. This purchase of credits can be coupled, if necessary, with the obtaining of additional cash, to release security savings or to finance new projects. Explain the benefits of a cash […]

With low fixed rates, what is the interest of the variable rate

The Annual Total Effective Rate (APR) is the most important percentage of your loan offer: it concentrates all the expenses of a mortgage, namely the running costs of the bank, the insurance premiums associated with the guarantees and the basic interest rate. This is why the APR can change from one institution to another. This […]

In Which Bank does a Consolidation Loan Pay off?

Most often, the question about the consolidation loan is people who, unfortunately, have no debt to repay. Of course, they are very cautious at first about the consolidation of all debts, thinking about this step at least several times. However, they see that taking another payday in a private loan company completely misses the goal. […]

How to compare real estate loan offers?

The mortgage is no exception to the consumer’s desire to compare before signing … Here are the main ways to help you get the best loan deal. 1.How to compare two loan offers? In order to know the total cost and to be able to compare two distinct loan offers, the future buyer that you […]

Bank Loan has come to make your life even easier!

We believe that this way we will be able to better serve our clients. This financial institution has both a vision and a mission that pleases us and touches our point of view and what we want to deliver to those who seek us. Make your life easier with Bank Loan! Such concern fits into […]